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Luke: The Jesus Episodes

Returning to Luke's Gospel, we continue taking an unhurried and complete look at Jesus and his teachings.

Going through this inspired biography of the Savior verse by verse, we try to get out of it everything that the Father put in it for us.

Our goal is to learn what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus and to take seriously the Great Commission mandate.  The Lord gave us instructions...

To say the least, that requires a good measure of familiarity with Jesus and his teachings.  Our focus, then, is relentlessly Christ.

Every week, we turn our thoughts to him.  As much as we can, we become as disciples traveling with him, seeing his miracles, hanging on every word, and noticing the reactions of the crowds.

If your heart's desire is to go deep with Jesus and to become the best disciple that you can be, then join us for these studies in Luke.  Experience life-changing insights as the "words in red" come alive.